more than a hobby… 

My whole life I was told it’s near impossible to succeed in the television and digital media industry, but if there’s one thing I love, it’s a good challenge. My first taste of media came in high school when I took a broadcast journalism class as an elective; what I thought was going to be a different experience compared to a typical class, soon became my first love. Capturing the experiences of individuals around me and creating an unforgettable memory told me exactly what I was meant to do in my life: create pieces that enhances the experience of others. 

Following high school, I began my journey as a Sports Management student at Saint Joseph’s University, however, I concluded my education at Temple University. In both places, I learned that the sports industry is one of a kind; whether you’re a fan or not, sports has a way of bringing people together. It could be throwing a baseball with your dad, meeting your best friend in P.E., or the chills you experience when walking through Lincoln Financial Field for the very first time. Sports is something that has followed and influenced each one of our lives. So now you’re probably wondering: okay that’s nice, but how did you incorporate the media side?
Well, I’ll tell you.

My decision to add Media Studies and Production to my course load came from one single video created by Temple Athletics. I remember watching the video and having an overwhelming and unexplainable feeling of pride, nostalgia, and excitement for my university’s team, and I wanted to create that sensation for others. After three years of countless internships, I was proud to be offered a position at Temple Athletics where I worked underneath the masterminds who created the video that inspired me.  My journey after college took me to many places, one I never thought I’d visit again: high school. Hired to help a Sustainability Campaign, Saint Basil Academy became my home again as we tried to save our school.  I created my own title very quickly from Marketing Coordinator to Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator. With the closing of Saint Basil Academy, it was time for a change. 

For the past two years, QVC in West Chester has become my home. From starting out in the live team, I have found my place as QVC’s first Multiculutral Producer for QVC+/HSN+. I am proud to help expand the Spanish Speaking Content and produce two static shows: Tastes Like Tradition and Total Look. Stay tuned for more! 

I have the privilege of attaching my name to conglomerates within the industry such as: NFL Films, Madison Square Garden Co., Comcast Spectacor (Philadelphia Wings), Temple Athletics, Philadelphia Soul, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia Phillies, and QVC/HSN.